Living in Ohio is not an ideal location for a backpacker, yet there are many enjoyable hiking destinations, especially in the southern half of the state.  Being located in Central Ohio (near Columbus), I tend to do most of my hiking to the southeast (Hocking Hills area) and immediately south of Columbus near the Appalachian Foothills.

As part of this blog, I will document the better day hikes (and one backpacking area) that I have experienced.  I will use this page to organize them.  Eventually I will get fancy and add a map pointing out the locations.

Grandma Gatewood Trail: Old Man’s Cave – Cedar Falls – Ash Cave – Classic Ohio trail in Hocking Hills between three of it’s major destinations.

Clear Creek Metro Park – Don’t let the “Metro Park” designation fool you.

Great Seal State Park: Southern Half – Best hiking area for elevation changes I have experienced in Ohio.

Tar Hollow: Logan Backpack Trail – North Loop – Quiet, uncrowded hike, backpack potential.