John Muir Trail

JMT:  August 24 – September 10, 2016

The impetus of starting this blog was to document this 50th Birthday epic journey.  It is difficult to capture such a lengthy and amazing experience, but hopefully the time and organization I spent on this can give friends and family an indication how awesome it was, as well as anyone considering the trip information that will assist them in getting the most out of their experience.


You can find what I call an “Executive Summary” which is a very high level to give the less interested readers an overview of what I experienced and a link to the photos and videos.

One of the highlights of the journey was the people that shared it with you and made it more satisfying.  I went alone, but I knew I wasn’t going to be lonely.  You can find an overview of those that I met along the way that will always be a part of my memory of the hike.

Hiking 233 miles and camping 17 nights over 18 days results in a lot of conclusions/hindsight as to what I should have done to make it more enjoyable.  I compiled a list of lessons learned that might aid someone else undertaking such a journey (as well as my future adventures!).

Details, Details, Details

For those craving the day-to-day highlights (and lowlights) of my journey, I have put together a detailed summary of the schedule I followed (including planning and travel), along with links to the daily posts and relevant pictures/videos.  For the hiking schedule, I included some stats that I like to keep related to the accomplishments of the day.

To follow the 18-day trip, use the schedule, or start on Day 1 and follow the links at the bottom of the posts.

Typically, I do some sort of GPS tracking of my hikes and have it stored on Garmin Connect or elsewhere.  I didn’t do this due to the well-defined nature of the JMT (there are plenty of places to get the GPS tracks), as well as the # of batteries/amount of charging I would have needed to do!


I have created a Flickr Album summary of the trip (I somehow whittled it down to just 133 photos) as well as uploaded a bunch of videos to my YouTube channel (sometimes I felt videos did a better job depicting the grandeur).  Some of these are interspersed in the daily journal, but if you just want to see a slideshow or watch videos, have at them.


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